Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stray Dog: Kerberos Panzer Cops (DML/Platz)

I'm optimistic in this aspect: that i'll probably be still around for at least another 20 years.... drawing AIR!

So it's time to break out one of those plastic men amassed over the years out of their boxes & just enjoy.

This is the DML/Platz re-issue in 2010 and not the original DML/Yamoto release from 2002. The obvious difference would be the new head-sculpt of actor Yoshikazu Fujiki from the Stray Dog: Kerberos Panzer Cops movie.

Other subtle upgrades of the new re-issue comprises of an upgraded DML Neo body, new material for the chest armour/ shin armour, a softer (almost rubber) face mask with transparent lenses, new MG42 ammo belt etc. but overall still retaining the same Protect Gear design & molding of the original release.

As usual, the kitbasher in me did a little touch-up:
1. Change the waist belt to a WWII German belt with buckle
2. Shorten the loops of the groin, butt & side armour plates to hang higher & not so low dangling
3. Added bayonet to belt
4. Added MG pouch to belt
5. Mild weathering.

Completed. The perfect companion figure to Medicom's Red Spectacles; the master & dog relationship/theme ever recurring in Kerberos Saga....!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

USMC: MARSOC (in Afghanistan)

This will prob be one of the very few kitbashes for me this year as 1/6 prices continue to soar & slowly wanes me off the hobby. By the time a 1/6 military boxset release cost $200, it’ll be time to call it a day.

I know USMC fields the M27 but weren’t sure if MARSOC does likewise as most of the time you’ll see them with Mk18s & M4s in reference pics. So the M27 kitted here is purely my doing (for lack of any loose weapons in inventory & also cost savings….).

Personally, I’m still skeptical with the M27 as a SAW replacement & designate. The Marine Corp evaluation might deemed accuracy over firepower as the main compelling reason for the switch but nothing beats continuously suppressive auto-fire to keep heads down in a fire fight IMHO.

There’s also the combat load for the M27 which come in 30 rds mags. Given the prescribed individual combat load of 22 mags, that’s a lot of clips to distribute around.

That said, I’ve gone COD style & given my M27 a dual drum loadout. Managed to scavenge it off an old BBI Tony Bishop (coincidentally also a USMC Force Recon figure) weapon accessory, which fits & did the job perfectly.

H/s: Loading Toys
Body: Kings Toy
Hiking shoes: TC
Comms: PH
Backpack: DAM
Oakleys: HT
Goggles: Sideshow
.45: BBI
Hostler: HT (knife add-on)
M27: E&S (drum mag BBI)
All other pouches misc: SS, TS, TC, etc.