Friday, September 14, 2012

GSG 9 (Classic Version)

I wouldn’t over state the potential of this DML original.

As it is, it didn’t stack up too well against BBI’s Konrad & Medicom’s very own GSG9
which were all released around the same time. My view: DML’s main failure was due to the lack of contrast between the grey overall & vest as compared to the other 2 competitor’s which were more visually pleasing, plus a better quality vest & helmet for both BBI & Medicom.

Also I didn’t know that DML had actually released a companion GSG9 Sniper & Breacher.
Either these other 2 GSG9 sets were not so common in my part of the world or maybe I really wasn’t that much into 1/6 at that time.

However, considering finding this (i.e. DML GSG9 'Ulrich') now mint in box & at around USD20 from the local flea market, it’s really quite a deal. Come on, where can u get a 1/6 box-set for this price these days? Granted that this is about more than 10 yrs old & really does not pack in many accessories, there’s always room for some improvement to pimp the figure up a little…..

To begin, some overall minor weathering to dull away the shiny new overall, vest, helmet etc. Next, replaced the Addidas GSG9 boots with a more detailed looking pair (from VHT), bloused in the pants & added knee pads (not sure if the knee pads are era accurate).

Following those; changed the original DML plastic belt to a black one & added a T-baton (seen based on the ref. pic. below). Supplement with a shield which I pick up loose eons ago (at that time didn’t know it came from BBI’s GSG9). The DML plastic belt hostler was ditched & replaced with leathery looking drop leg. Original HK pistol swapped for a Glock. Lastly, an MP5K from my loose weapons bin to finish up.

End result, a much more satisfactory classic version GSG9 (to me at least).

* Special Thanks to Kelvin aka '1/6 Rookie' for the T-baton, much appreciated.